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Hey, it's Sag! I was always into art as a kid. Back in high school and college I took art classes as electives. I tried different mediums on different canvases. One day, I woke up and thought to myself "I want to change my canvas" and thought of tattooing. Making skin as the canvas, hence the name "The Skin Canvas".

I started my tattoo career in Jersey City with Body and Soul Tattoo Studio. My wife is currently in the Navy and got stationed in San Diego so I moved to San Diego and tattooed there for about 2 years before I moved back to Jersey and opened Fait Maison. 

I still look back and think to myself, that Michelle and I built this place where our staff is not just our staff but our friends who are like our family. I can trust everyone in the team to do what they need to do without me being there at all times. 

Because of all the love and support from our clients, we are growing exponentially so we are planning to open another location in a year or two. We want Fait Maison to be the place where people come not just to get serviced but to have an experience while getting their service of tattoo, hair or lash

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