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Hello I’m Nino, one of the tattoo artist here at Fait Maison!


I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. As I got older, I felt I was no longer suited for the lifestyle so I began my travels. I have lived in cities such as Atlanta, Queens, and Miami; finally settling down here in New Jersey. 


Prior to Fait Maison, I’ve worked at various tattoo shops in New York City since 2000, enriching my knowledge of the tattoo world. I was introduced to graffiti around 1984 and have been doing it ever since. Around 1998, I was immersed into the world of tattooing. As a novice, many of my tattoos were heavily influenced by graffiti. Over the years, I have grown and transitioned into a more traditional style of tattooing. Some of my specialities include American Traditional and Japanese Traditional work. 


Fait Maison is not your average tattoo parlor. The environment is more eclectic and serene. Every team member is welcoming, helpful, highly motivated, and inspirational. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do what I love and with likeminded individuals. 

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