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Yo! I’m Ryan Hall. Before tattooing, I was formally trained as an artist,  painting landscapes, portraits, abstracts and things like that. I began working at it full-time creating large-scale abstract paintings and then selling them to interior designers as well as working on custom commissions.  During this time, I always appreciated tattooing as a medium of art just like painting or sculpting but I never really considered doing it myself until I was offered an apprenticeship. Since then, I’ve worked to bring my academic training and technique to the styles of tattooing that interest me most. 


I bring some of my favorite non-tattoo passions into my work as well such as botanical design, horror/sci-fi/fantasy, video games, movies/tv, mythology and history- nerd stuff. Whenever I create custom designs, I often pull from these interests and incorporate them so that each tattoo is unique and imbued with originality. 

As I have many different interests, I similarly choose to work in several different styles. Most often, I design my tattoos either in the more delicate Fine-Line Realism/Micro-realism, or in more classic disciplines such as Traditional Japanese or Traditional American tattooing. 

In the same way, I prefer working on a large-scale when I paint. I usually work large-scale when it comes to tattooing. The reason being is that I'm always captivated by what larger tattoos convey; boldness, confidence, and a sense of awe. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to do smaller tattoos. I’ve found that smaller tattoos can be very fun and a great way for the artist and client to get to know each other and generate exciting ideas. There’s also something very rewarding about working with the client to create these bold, larger projects…to understand them personally and what the project means to them on a deeper level. I am also very open to taking on cover-ups, as well as reworks of older tattoos because every tattoo deserves a second chance.

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