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 / Feht Mé-zon /

adj. self-made ; made by ones self


 The owners, Sag and Michelle, first met in January 2020 on New Year's Eve through Ivan, their mutual friend. Although, they don't recall that interaction and though they didn't until April of 2020 when Sag moved back from San Diego, CA. 


July of that same year, Sag was tattooing Michelle and was talking to her about how he wanted to open up his own shop and Michelle also wanted to open one as well. She had just left her old shop and Sag just moved back to Jersey so they were both in the same timeline. Both desired the same thing and thought, "let's just open a shop together!" So, they did just that. In a short span of getting to know each other, they instantly felt like they've know each other for the longest that there wasn’t a doubt in trusting each other to become business partners.

They were thinking of a French word(s) for the shop because they wanted something boujee and what’s more boujee than a French name? They thought of different names like "deux", meaning "two", like "two artists" in French but it was  already taken. So, Ivan came up with an idea and thought of "Fait Maison", meaning "self made".


They are both from Jersey City, so initially they wanted to open a shop there but the rent is too expensive. They found this spot in Bayonne that used to be a pharmacy and immediately fell in love with it. A month after the idea of both opening a shop came about, they signed the lease in August.


They stuck with the name "self made" and literally built it themselves, no contractor. From the bathroom to the tile walls, to the front desk counter to all the shelves hanging in the shop, all were built by them with the help of a few amazing friends. They worked extremely hard to open and within a month, they officially opened on the 1st of September.


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