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/ Feht Mé-zon /

adj. self-made

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It all started with two well-driven individuals who had a passion to open up their own shop. Upon getting to know each other in a surprisingly short span back in January 2020, they instantly had an idea to open one together. A tattoo and hair salon. Both operating under one roof. This idea initially started with Sag as the tattoo artist and Michelle as the hairstylist.


Not long after opening in September 2020, the staff grew and more artists joined the team. Fait Maison has expanded not just with tattoos and hair but with brow services, lashes and protective hairstyles. 

When the name "Fait Maison" came about, both Sag and Michelle loved how it gave off a luxurious and classy feel, yet carries a relatable meaning to it. The meaning "self made" fit so well with the Bayonne location being built by themselves with help from their amazing friends.​

Fast forward to year 3, Fait Maison now has two locations - one in Bayonne for tattoos and brow services, and  another in Newark for hair, tattoos, brow services as well as lash services. 

Our FAITmily has grown so much in this year alone. We have high hopes to continue to create an environment for other artists in this field to be in a place where they can not only grow but to also pursue their passion while being surrounded with like-minded artists. 

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