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Greetings! I'm Aliana Marie, the resident weeb at Fait Maison!

If I’m not at Fait Maison, I'm usually home with my three cats (Meebo, Kiki, and Roan) , and my boyfriend Martus. We like to watch anime and play videos games together on our days off!

If I wasn’t a tattoo artist, I would probably still be in the medical field or going to nursing school. I always loved being in healthcare and working with patients, but I felt stagnant while struggling to balance a full time job and the school load. When the shop opened in Sept. 2020, I came on as an extra helping hand at first while things got running. Michelle and Sag then told me to put my two weeks in as a medical assistant, but instead I gave two months. With their support and the support of my partner Martus (thanks for the ipad pro, bb) - I was even more motivated to pursue the arts again, which I gave up a long time ago but always had a passion for. With the boom of anime tattoos growing in the industry, I thought, “Well I’m a huge weeb and I love art so why not put it on peoples’ skin... forever?”

I love the welcoming atmosphere here at Fait Maison. Even though majority of the staff has known each other for years, (some over a decade!), we treat each and every client with a friendly face that we haven’t seen in awhile.

I specialize in anime tattoos but I do love traditional and illustrative styles. I'm pretty open to doing different styles if it’s requested by a client! But I will always let a client know if I’m not comfortable with the style requested and will try to refer them to someone more suited for it.

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