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Hi guys! It’s Michelle! The passion from my career started in high school. I started just like any hairstylist and went to Sally’s and bought bleach and started experimenting with my hair. I had super blonder hair, jumped to jet black and even went half and half and did the whole half blonde and half black look. I then started doing my friends hair and it was history.


I took a break, ventured off into different things like sales management. I loved the struggle that came with building things, setting quotas and loved that feeling of making sure I crushed them. I’ve always been a hustler and go-getter. Nothing makes me happier than being able to accomplish challenges. I’ve always been hungry to be better especially growing up as an insecure person and not knowing my place in life. Being able to accomplish things work related fulfilled those needs. It’s funny though, one day I woke up and just decided to go to hair school and that’s truly when my hunger for being great at hair started. Fast forward 5 years later and here I am... 2 businesses in with a great staff in both places and amazing business partners.


If I’m not at Fait Maison, I’m at Taille Pour Tous. Aside from doing hair I’ve always been into sneakers and street wear. I’ve never really been about the trends and I like what I like so it makes me happy to be around clothes and shoes I genuinely enjoy.


If I had a super power it would be to be able to control time because God knows I’m never on time. All jokes aside, I’m just a little city girl with lots of anxiety.  I’ve been through a lot and nothing has ever been handed to me. I work hard, have lots of love to give and I genuinely hope that when you sit in my chair you feel the passion, love and talent I have to give. 

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