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Heyy, I’m Jen! I’m a girl of many trades and different abilities if you were to get to know me deeply. Away from Fait Maison, I’m a self taught nail technician who ventures into different art styles and mediums, along as a small freelance stylist. You can also easily spot me with some type of Sanrio somewhere on me. 


It all started with the same out-played story with the barbie dolls, the mannequin heads, and the home remedies to achieving fun looking hair on myself and on my friends. Realistically, it did have meaning to it the more I think about it now. I knew I had some kind of creative drive in me, and doing any beauty related services is what helps me let out this creativity. 


I’ve always loved the idea of helping others feel good about themselves, wether just with corny motivational phrases or through their appearance. (I’m probably the most critical, yet motivating friend you can have.) I almost entered the fashion world as a designer instead of the beauty industry as a stylist, but it took me some time to realize both of them almost clash with each other. I’m still a very big fashion enthusiast, but I found myself to be more creative in this industry once I actually opened myself up to learning about hair, nails, makeup, etc.. An outfit would not be complete whatsoever if you didn’t have the proper hairstyle, makeup look, or customized nails for it. All of this is almost an accessory in my eyes and it’s the most adventurous thing I’ve ever ventured in. The idea of creating and formulating something that somebody can wear and say I did that, is equally as rewarding as someone purchasing or wearing your own art or clothing pieces.


I was new to being in a salon environment once I started beauty school, and it was almost difficult to find a place that made me feel comfortable and welcomed once I even walked in. I had stepped into Fait Maison to get a Bleach tattoo by Aliana and it had to be one of the nicest services I’ve received. It felt like a safe atmosphere, and everyone seemed like a little family. This felt like a good place for me to grow as a stylist whilst still enjoying myself, rather than it just being ‘work’. 


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