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Hi I’m Nikko, the Shop Manager / Tattoo Apprentice here at Fait Maison!

Fait Maison helped change my life. It made things attainable for me that weren't before. I love this place with my whole heart. What I love most is that I get a front row seat to watch the business grow and watch my friends grow as artists. Even now, I'm an apprentice myself and that wouldn't be possible without the opportunity to learn from all the talented artists here. I basically grew up with Aliana and Sag, so seeing them grow into the artists they are now just warms my heart.. Everyone at the shop, I view them as my family. It never feels like work when I’m here, just hanging out with the gang.

I’ve always had jobs where I was helping people so that makes me happy. I’ve worked jobs in the service industry and the medical field and the most satisfying thing about it to me was always the aspect of helping people. I always try to go out of my way to help the next person and do anything within my power to accomplish that. Using all of my past experience at all the other jobs for Fait Maison feels seamless. I love helping out all of our wonderful clients and every compliment we get about the customer service makes me smile like a goofy fool.

Like I said at the beginning, Fait Maison helped change my life, I wouldn't be where I am or who I am without the opportunity to grow and flourish here. 

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