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Hey, I’m Mars! I’m Fait Maison’s newest tattoo apprentice and receptionist! If you don’t see me at Fait Maison, I’m probably at your nearest Barnes & Noble with my boyfriend, Derick, with a horror novel in one hand and a matcha latte in the other. 


I currently go to school in the city for film. I work as a freelance makeup artist and (sometimes) director on a lot of short films! Next to being a tattoo artist, I would say film & writing is another huge passion of mine. My favorite movie is probably between American Psycho or Killer Klownz from Outer Space. I would say film definitely creeps its way into my art a lot of time; as I normally drop in some horror and thriller references/elements in a lot of my work. 


I’ve only worked a good handful of jobs but Fait Maison provides an experience like no other. From the atmosphere, to the clients, to the team; it feels like I’ve been here for years and everyone is my best friend! Working in a space as collaborative as this one motivates and inspires me to always put 110% in everything I do.


I’m hoping to specialize in a lot of patch/blackwork style tattoos and to maybe incorporate some color into my work later on. I can’t wait to start my tattoo artist journey here and to connect with all of you!

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