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Hello, my name is Maggie! I'm one of the tattoo artists here at Fait Maison.


I also work at a plant shop and florist in Maplewood NJ. I’m a plant collector myself so it’s a fun little side job til I am tattooing full time. I also love to go thrifting for cool antiques for my apartment and design inspiration for my tattoo drawings, as well as hiking and hanging out with my two dogs, Truman and Gertie :) You’ll hear a lot about them if you get tattooed by me!! 

Before Fait Maison, I worked as a studio manager at a tattoo studio in Brooklyn. It was super inspiring to see those artists really taking ownership over their creativity and careers, and a career they could travel the world doing too. I realized that’s what I was really searching for also, and started working towards it! I’m entirely self taught. I’m so thankful I get to do something creative and that I’m passionate about for a career. 

I love how everyone here is so unique from each other! We are all soooo different in terms of our tattoo styles, services provided, and yet here we all are working here together towards our careers and goals. We really are all self made, and it’s awesome!

I am definitely not a traditional tattooer and didn’t come to the industry via an apprenticeship, which has helped me develop my own unique style! I start first with drawings inspired by mid-century modern design and illustration, and make tattoo designs with big bold color blocks and touches of black. Lately I’ve been inspired by vintage children’s book illustrations. I hope they bring you the same whimsy and joy they bring me!