Hello! My name is Aylin (pronounced Eileen). I’m Mexican American from San Diego, CA. I’ve been drawing and making art ever since I can remember! I went to college for art but after a couple years, I ended up dropping out to peruse tattooing!


I started tattooing in Newark and after a year I moved to Virginia and tattooed there for two years. I’ve recently made it back to Jersey!


Some of my non-tattoo hobbies are building Lego, toy collecting and watching horror movies and bad TLC shows.


I enjoy tattooing mostly black and grey but won’t shy away from a color piece! I love working on large scale projects and will prioritize those but also like drawing flash and tattooing original art! Some other subjects I’m interested in are kawaii, girl heads, neo traditional, Chicano inspired tattoos, botanical, and any custom piece! 

I’ve been looking for a shop since I’ve moved back to the area and Fait Maison has such a warm and homey vibe! I can tell everything is done with love care and respect which is sometimes hard to find in this industry!